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Our Services

The in-house team, comprised of 50 translators, has been translating financial notices and news for almost 5 years. Each translation project is undertaken by a project manager, who’s role is to:

  • Maintain a close relationship with clients, ensuring every requirement, specification, and deadline is met;
  • Make the best possible use of technology available (CAT, TeNT, OCR, etc.), to provide a fast and accurate service;
  • Assign the translation to the most qualified linguistic team;
  • Perform visual and computer assisted Quality Assurance checks for every translation.

The team is split into several linguistic teams, each working in a specific language pair:

Arabic / English, French / English, Spanish / English,  Italian/ English, German/ English, Russian/ English, Portuguese/ English and Dutch / English

In addition to their daily tasks of translating stock exchanges notices, financial reports, press releases, and other financial literature, from their respective languages into English, the teams take on translation projects of varied sources.

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We specialise in financial translation. Our dedicated team has many years of experience within the financial sector and a deep understanding of the complex financial terminology.

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Accurate Legal & Financial Translations
Legal Literature

We can provide companies with a broad range of legal translation services, including certified translations. Documents Include:

Financial Literature

We have 5 years experience in the financial sector and are able to translate all sorts of financial literature, such as:

  • Management regulations
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Pleadings
  • Company incorporation certificates
  • Management reports
  • Annual reports & business reports
  • Financial statements
  • Banking documents
  • Audit reports
  • Memorandums
  • Tombstones for IPOs or Stock placement
  • Investment fund briefing notes and reports